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PHISQA: A new language in Jazz


"A trip". This is how its creator, Cote Calmet, defines this project. "Phisqa" [five in Quechua, native language of Peru] is the word chosen to inspire our 5 senses as human beings. PHISQA is also the staging of a new way of fusing the rich texture of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Amazonian rhythms with the elegance, spontaneity, freedom and virtuosity of jazz language.



“A six stars superior project”

Ideal Granada

“Super album”



“Phisqa a very solid fusión

between jazz and peruvian


Cultura Jaen

 “This is the next step in the fusion of peruvian rhythms and jazz”

Oscar Stangaro

“Peruvian Jazz catches your ear by combining thriving rhythms from the Andes with the splendid musicianship of some of the finest european jazz musicians .”

Jazz Am Sunntig

At their head, Calmet is a young musician at the beginning of what promises to be an interesting journey.
Irish Times

This consistently engaging debut highlights Calmet's writing, which embraces the individual and collective strengths. Cosmopolitan in make-up but with a unified vision, Phisqa is an exciting calling card from a young group full of promise.

All About Jazz


PHISQA  La Casa Estudios

PHISQA  Live at Caja Granada

PHISQA  Torre de Venus Session

PHISQA in Ireland

After a long pause, PHISQA was reborn in 2018 in Granada (Spain), refreshing itself with a new format, new compositions, arrangements and new Andalusian members (Cádiz, Granada). By now having a three wind section in the band, the music sounds even more energetic than in the beginning. PHISQA takes off again with more strength than ever!

Those who have had the good fortune to listen and see Phisqa express that it is "music that invites you to move". By its energy it is like a force that catches and takes the imagination of listeners to territories that perhaps their senses have never explored.




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