Welcome to the Jazz Drumming section of my webpage. Here you will learn important jazz concepts which include jazz patterns, jazz drum beats, jazz drum fills, brush beats, snare drum comping, bass drum comping, and one or two tricky beats! The exercises we will work on will enable you to develop powerful skills you need to play music with a real band.

Why Jazz?


Dont worry, we will not only see/study Jazz beats, we will go through rock, world music, backbeats and many many others that you need in order to become a professional working drummer. I do have to say that if it wasn't for Jazz I wouldnt be at a level im happy with. Jazz drumming has taken my creativity to a level I never thought it was possible and I want to teach that to you!



Feel free to browse around the three different levels in this page, you'll be able to find detailed points on what we will see in the lessons. See where you think you are and where you want to go!

Will the lessons be online or in Person?


Unfortunately, due to the time we are living in, all lessons must be online, but dont worry because I have a studio with profesional equipment which lets you hear me and my drums with absolutely clarity!

What do I need for my drum lesson?

It is very important that you have with you a pair of sticks, practice pad and some books I will be assinging to you when the classes start (books depend on the level that you're in). In case you dont have a drumset, not to worry, a practice pad will do just fine! Oh and a skype account.

Play-a-longs? What's that?

A play-a-long track is a audio file which has every instrument but the drums and you will play-a-long with it. Whenever you have dominated the skills I will give you play-a-long tracks for you to jam along!

This will prepare yourself for real life situations with other musicans and make you a stronger drummer and all round musician!

How to apply?

Even though you dont necesarilly have to apply for a drum lesson, it will be easier to know in what level you are and how to develope the class specifically for you. So, what ultimately sets my drum lessons apart from others is the ability to submit a video for review so I can set you in a level that I think you should be in.


  • Introduction to Jazz Drumming

  • Recommended Course Materials

  • Holding the Sticks

  • Practice Pads - Introduction, basic strokes, warm ups and rudiments

  • Basic Tone Production

  • Ride Cymbal Techniques

  • Basic Hi-Hat & Ride Practice Techniques

  • Practice Routine

  • Subdivisions and the Rhythm Vocabulary

  • Learning to read music

  • Drum Tunning

  • Big Band Charts

  • Jazz Phrasing

  • Heel Up or Heel Down?

  • Independence & Coordination

  • Vocabulary - Jazz Context

  • Comping

  • Introduction to Coordination Exercises

  • Coordination Exercise

  • Introduction to Jazz Coordination Exercises

  • Jazz Coordination Exercise

  • Additional Submitted Songs and Miscellaneous Topics

  • Learning snare drum solos


  • Orchestrating Rudiments

  • Dynamics

  • Choices

  • Playing a Melody on Drums

  • Hi-Hat Control - Basic Technique

  • Hi-Hat Control - Exercises

  • Brushes

  • Brushes Play a long

  • Brushes in 3/4 Time

  • Big Band Charts

  • The Blues

  • Call & Response Exercise

  • Introduction to Destination Point Fill Exercises

  • Creative Practicing with Fills

  • Additional Submitted Songs and Miscellaneous Topics

  • Learning a drum solo


  • Phrasing

  • Big Band Charts

  • Listening to other instruments

  • Slow Jazz Blues - 4/4 Time

  • Ballads

  • Odd Time Signatures learning to play in odd meters,  3 - 5 - 7 - 9 and 11

  • Call & Response Exercise

  • Exploring Textures - Drum Sticks, Brushes, Mallets

  • Brazilian Rhythms

  • Cuban Rhythms

  • African Rhythms

  • Building a Solo

  • Additional Submitted Songs and Miscellaneous Topics

  • Learning a Drum and other instruments solo

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