For years I have been studying and practicing the art of loop making, the beautiful process of creating dancing, groovy, trancy rhythms that will elevate the music to another level. Every beat that you will hear is a resume of the music that I like fused with my type of personallity.

In this page you will find loops that span from Jazz, Heavy Rock, Afro Rock, Pop, Funk to South America folk beatz. Choose the one you like the best and have fun!


All of the loops you will hear are carefully thought out parts put together with percussion, drumset and some pads, all tracked with a metronome (each file will have a certain BPM).

All Loop files are in WAV format and free to use in any of your recordings, demos, mixes, productions etc.


The loops are for free, but any donation are welcome and will be much appreciated.

You can donate to my paypal account




If you require an specific drum loop that you cant find here, send  me a message and i'll contact you!

Thanks for submitting!